What is Improved

Improved removes the guesswork from finding the right person for each job.

Use Improved for your next job

Mowing the lawns? Building a fence? Walking the dog?
Improved helps you find the right person to get it done!

A simple job announcement enables local improvers to quote you. Improved is the easiest way to get everything done.

Download our free app and see how Improved works. Posting jobs is free, no matter how big or small.

Improved is the tool professionals have been waiting for

We spoke to many tradespeople and professionals. We learned that you dislike complicated software and classified boards that quickly become out of date and are a pain to maintain. We know that you don’t like commissions and we know that everyone has different needs.

That’s why Improved is:

  • free until you are convinced that it’s valuable (see pricing)
  • open so you can be found online by anyone. It’s your name, your work, your contact details. Like a classified, but better
  • clever so your work can speak for you
  • simple and straightforward (see how it works)

How it works

Posting a job is as quick as writing a text message.

We designed Improved to be straightforward and easy to use.

  1. Posts a job in just a few seconds. We automatically notify local improvers.
  2. You’ll then receive messages and quotes
  3. Accept the quote you like best, and we notify everyone about the outcome

Get in touch with us if you can think of a simpler way.

Why Improved

Improved was designed to be:

  • the fastest way to post your jobs. It can even be done in a single step!
  • the most reliable way to compare and choose the best quote
  • free to use for the vast majority of users, regular people and professionals alike

Many tradespeople and professionals contributed to defining Improved:

  • the best way to find work without increasing costs. We don’t charge a commission
  • the easiest way to build an online presence. Everyone gets an online portfolio
  • the best way to showcase your portfolio publicly. People searching the web can find you more easily

About us

We’re a handful of passionate technology people. Our expertise is in the mobile space, but our passions extend far outside the office space. We built Improved to scratch our own itch and to enable everyone to be the best at their skill and not have to worry about technology.